Car or Truck Impounding Capitol Hill

Confiscation of the vehicle by the police generally comes under impounding. However, at times, private companies too are hired by residents for vehicle impounding. This is usually the case when there are abandoned vehicles by the roadside or in front of houses or shops.

Give a call to ABC Towing for car or truck impounding in Capitol Hill, WA. Being an experienced company offering impounds for abandoned vehicles, we are called by residents when they require car or truck impounding from their properties, residential or commercial. Call us for car or truck impounding in your area in the following cases:

  • Vehicle blocking the access
  • Valuable parking space taken up
  • Abandoned vehicle

Do not be worried about the impounded car cost as it is an expense for the car owner to bear. Rely on us for vehicle impounding as we are licensed and certified to carry out impounds for abandoned vehicles.

Vehicle Impounding Capitol Hill

As a commercial property owner, if you are losing out genuine customers due to the parking lots being taken up by abandoned vehicles, you can call for vehicle impounding companies. The vehicle impounding companies tow the vehicle from your premises as they have the license and the right equipment for the job.

Give us a call when you require vehicle impounding in Capitol Hill. We will send in the following for the required car or truck impounding:

  • Towing trucks
  • Qualified personnel
  • Required tools and equipment

We will remove the abandoned vehicle immediately giving you access to your store front or home entrance. We can even put up the warning sign on your premises if you have to deal with such vehicles on a regular basis.

Impounds for Abandoned Vehicles Capitol Hill

Not all towing companies have the authority to offer impounds for abandoned vehicles in Capitol Hill. Therefore, if you are looking for such a service, ensure that the company that you choose is authorized to do so.

Count on us when you require impounds for abandoned vehicles in Capitol Hill as we are a licensed and certified company. You can call us to impound the vehicle in the following cases:

  • Abandoned at an accident site
  • Junk vehicles
  • Parked in a tow-away zone

Sometimes vehicles are left at places that block entrances, wheelchair ramps and other places of public access. We offer impounds for abandoned vehicles in all such places as well.

Feel free to call ABC Towing at (206) 457-2530 for car or truck impounding service in Capitol Hill.